Lee came home to visit

Yay... I'm happy today... Lee came home to visit from San Antonio. I know he came to see our cousin Marcos who just came home from the Persian Gulf, he's in the Navy! Anyway, even if he didn't come home to see me... I'm still glad he came home and got here safely!

My dad and my uncle always loved to hunt. Here they are with one of their kills... No it's not a trophy buck... but I'm sure it was tasty nonetheless!

My Dad is the one on the left and my uncle is the one holding the rifle on the right!


Paternal Grandparents

These are my Dad's parents... rumor has it that I look alot like her! What do you think?

Ancestors - My Polish and Mexican Roots

These are my great-grandparents on Dad's side of the family. He was from Mexico and she was 1/2 Polish. They died way before I was born.



If anyone's been wondering where I'm at... well... I have a bad UTI, plus other issues. Haven't felt like doing much. I went to my MD on Monday and he gave me an antibiotic, just now started feeling a bit better. As always he got after me about losing weight... he gave me 1 year to lose 33 pounds and that's the way we're going to do it until I lose the whole 150 I need to lose!!! (Since BC/BS will not cover my lapband!)
I have an appointment with my OBGYN... to handle my "other issues" I've needed a hysterectomy for over a year now, and this will be my second opinion. I'm hoping that there is some sort of "miracle cure" for fibroids, but I know that there isn't. This surgery is specially hard for me to decide on because I don't have children and this would bring complete closure to this part of my life. Being "childless" is something I never thought I'd be, but it wasn't by choice, life just turned out that way and I've always felt that I was delt a bad card. Unforfunately, there are some things in life that one cannot change and this is one of them for me.
Another thing is that "my baby" brother is going away to college and I'm completely heartbroke, I don't say much about it because it makes things harder for my mom. For the last month I've been living with a knot in my throat, just ready to burst into sobs. I am totally devastated... I am going to miss him so much. I know he has to go away to finish his education and I know that he is only a phone call away, but still it's not the same. I'm hoping that he will be home as often as possible... maybe we can plan to go see George Lopez in October for his birthday!
I'll be gone through this coming weekend because we're going to leave him in San Antonio.
Thanks for listening!


This is our Courthouse, the buidling where I work... it's a brand new building. This picture was taken about a day after the Grand Opening! We've been told that it's one of the most beautiful courthouses in Texas!

Capitol of Texas 2005

Mike stood in the middle of the street at noon in Austin just to take this picture for me!

Texas State Capitol

Kim, Renee, and Myrna, this is the shot I was taking when you gals called me while I was at my Elections conference last month!

This is the capital of Texas in Austin, TX... isn't she grand?
I just love taking night shots!


Romantic Dog

This card is for Bryana, Myrna's youngest DD. She's such a sweetheart. She likes to read my blogs and look at my pictures. I love her so much! She's my little angel! Her birthday is on August 17... she'll be turning 7!

Romantic Dog

Bronc Buster

I made a set of these cards for an SU swap. The stamp is called Bronc Buster and it's one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to making many layouts with this stamp set.

Thanks for looking at my blog!