Lee and Laura

Here they are... the love birds. My brother and his girl friend. Don't they make a cute couple? He insisted I post a picture of them in my blog!! Sorry Laura, he said you wouldn't mind!!

Class of 82 Class Reunion in 92

I was very surprised when I came across this picture. I really thought I had lost it. Mike and I were both so young. No gray hair, then again this was taken 15 yrs. ago!!
We are due to have our 25th year class reunion in June of 07!!!
Oh by the way, that's my class reunion... Mike graduated 10 years before I did in '72!

What do you think of my red hair? Should do that again?


OMG...This was forever ago... 01-07-1993

All day long I fiddled with pictures. I was so surprised to come across this old thing, I was 29 years old and holding a Texas size radish that Kenneth Lawrence had grown in his vegetable garden. Mr. Lawrence was always bringing me something home grown to my office, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, even blue corn. On this particular day he came in radish in one hand and camera in the other, he just said "smile"!! He was the sweetest older gentleman any person would want as a friend. He had been snowbound and frostbitten eary in his life. In the end he lost a leg, and later passed on near my birthday. It was sad to lose a friend, I cried...
This picture was taken at the old county attorney's office that was located in the old courthouse annex. I just noticed that I was wearing my ostrich ropers, that must have been about 100 pounds ago... Yikes, that should be incentive enough for me to want to lose weight!!!


Mom's Birthday Card

This is my Mom's birthday card. I started working on it very very early this morning. Everybody seems to have liked it. It's Prismacolored, then I used a blender pencil and Gamsol. I chalked the entire image with a sponge then slightly tea-dyed the edges to give it more of a vintage look. I recently purchased the Prismacolors and I'm enjoying every minute I use them. Before I purchased these pencils, I questioned whether or not I should be doing this. Nonetheless, my Mom loved her card... in the inside is a very simple handwritten message, "Happy Birthday Mom, Love you! Mary Jayne" can't get more to the point than that.


Myrna & MJ

Here we are!! I guess we hadn't taken a self-portrait in about 20 years. I'll try to find the old pictures so you can compare the before and after. Now that'll be a site. Love you girlfriend!!!
Forever Friends
When I hear that sappy little phrase,
“Families are Forever,”
I always wonder
Are friends forever too?

Because if not,
Just stop the world and let me get off!

I will never find another friend
As fun, crazy and more like me
Anywhere in heaven…
Let alone here on earth!

I simply can’t find words to describe
The ways you touch my life.
You refuse to let me be
Anything less than myself,
And you love me
Like no friend ever has.
I can’t imagine getting through a day,
Much less eternity, without you.

Let’s make a pact.
(Yeah, yeah, we’ll keep the ‘forever family’.)
But you and I will be
Goddesses together…
Divine Divas to the max …
Forever, for always
And no matter what.
© 2003 Suzy Toronto

I've been away from my blog

Oh dear... I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd been in here. I guess I should try to post new stuff more often.
Myrna came to visit my office for the first time today and took some cool pictures, check them out! I just wish she would have warned me so I could have at least "powdered" my nose!

Thanks for looking at my blog!