My Best Friend

This is my friend Myrna, a.k.a. myrnabs. I’ve known her most of her life and we’ve been friends since 1984. I’m about eight years older than her and if you figure that out in 1984 she was only 13 and I was 21.
Myrna is a very pretty lady with a beautiful personality. She is the type of person who will take the shirt off her back to help others. Always going out of her way. She is very smart, and I’m very proud of her. She attends college/university (50 miles away) every weekday, often coming home very late at night. She is a great musician and is pursuing her career in music. I know she will be a great band director some day in the near future.
On top of all this she is also a very talented papercrafter. She makes beautiful cards and altered items. She is the one that made my dog, Rowdy's treat jar! (See below.)
Myrna is very special, she is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, daughter, sister, aunt, and most important to me, she’s my best friend. I would not know what to do without her friendship. I see her like the little sister I never had! I don’t have to say this cause she knows it, but I lover her very much!
P.S. Doesn’t she look pretty with her new glasses?


Rowdy's Treats Jar

I guess that by now everyone knows that I have a dog named Rowdy. My friend Myrna knows just how much I love him so she went all out and made a treat jar for him. Take a peek for yourselves. It took her an etire evening to complete her project. I think it turned out just beautiful. I love it and it's so much easier now to give my "baby" his treats. She went as far as coloring the doggy blonde or light brown like Rowdy. I really like how she did the lid, cutting out circles and arranging them around the big circle. Then adding the pretty polka dotted ribbon around the jar. I just totally love Rowday's new treat jar. Oh one more thing, she even sent her mom to buy Rowdy some treats, ain't that sweet!!!!!
Thanks...Love you Myrna!!!


Mike's Graduation

Mike's graduation, May 2006. He graduated with honors.

This was Mike's Phi Theta Kappa induction. He's one smart cookie!

I'm the big gal on the right!

I'm devastated

Rowdy has fleas... lots of them!! He got them next door, with Chato... my aunts dog. How do I get rid of them? He's getting a bath tomorrow for sure and he's getting tied up in my yard. No more playing next door.

Bad dog !!!

Graduation Night 2005

I had wanted to post one of these picture for a long time...This is not the right one, there's another one that I like a lot better, but I can't find it! I'll change it as soon as I can locate it.
Oh, by the way... for those that don't know us, this is us... my baby brother Lee and myself on his graduation night (highschool graduation, that is)!!!

Kiss the Bride

Kiss the bride is probably an understatement. My aunt caught us by surprise when we got married on 12/22/90.
Notice how I was still wearing a hat!!!

I wanna be a Cowgirl

OMG...I couldn't believe it when I found this picture. This is me at 15, in 1979. It was taken by my highschool boyfriend while we were at an FFA field trip in San Antonio. Yes I was a true cowgirl right down to my python boots, I'm still one at heart and yes, this is Texas and we are as Texas as it gets.
I guess one can say "Like sister, like brother!"

Baby Brother

Again, this is just a friendly reminder of how time flies. This is my baby brother 12 years later. Yes, this is as Texas as it gets and no, he doesn't always dress like this. He's a very modern guy, however his dress attire very often will consist of jeans, ostrich boots and a hat!!! Now isn't this a handsome guy!!
(This is the same guy that's pictures below in the black hat.) How dare I wonder why I have gray hair!!!

Mom's first swearing-in

This picture is very special, it's my mom's first swearing in as County and District Clerk. My grandmother has passed away three months before she officially took office. It's also one of my favorite's because my dad was still alive. It also saddens me because he wasn't around to see me be sworn in by mom when I took over he position as County Clerks 12 years later. Pictured are (l-r) myself, my dad, my mom, and my baby brother at age eight.

Our First Picture together in '89

How time flies!!! This was our very first picture together when Mike took me to meet his parents in Christmas of '89. We've been together ever since... Ain't love grand???

Old Zapata Sunset

I took this picture back in '98, a bad flood was predicted so we all went out to the peaceful Old Zapata and took pictures. This has always been one of my old-time favorite pictures.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Soda

This is the recipe card I submitted to Chocolate Lovers SCS swap ... I thought that the 50's theme would go good with this old-fashioned favorite!!


I've had this "thing" about dishes since I was very young. I just love dishes and about two years ago decided I was going to start a Fiestaware collection. Many people like super expensive dinner ware for special occasions, well not this small town country girl. As I've stated in many of my comments at the shack, being of Hispanic/Mexican descent... well, I love colors. Therefore, I thought I'd share a glimpse of my everyday and special day dinnerware!!! Hope you like them.


This is Rowdy, my spoiled, five month old Austrailian Cattle Dog... Isn't he sweet??? He jumps all over me when I come outside. He does tricks for treats. He is super smart and funny. He keeps me company when I'm by myself. He is still in the "chewing" stage and like to bite me playfully, the problem is that he doesn't know his own strength and sometimes hurts me while he's trying to play!! Oh well, I love him anyway!!!!


Mom and Daughter day out!

I played hooky and didn't go to work today. Mom and I went to Laredo by ourselves. First we went to eat at Luby's. Then we went to Macy's, JC Penny, Bealls, Avenue and Sam's. I bought a hobo denim purse for $6.00 at Bealls; plus a pair of dressy "work" shoes", black jeans and a T-shirt at Avenue (yes, I am a plus size). Then made a quick stop at Sam' and I bought a huge ($20.00) filet of salmon for Friday's dinner. I need to come up with something other than potatoes and peas for sides. I might try Jasmine rice and asparagus or green beans instead. It's hard to keep everybody happy. Mom and Ted don't eat corn. Lee doesn't eat green beans or peas, and Mike is just plain picky with everything. He liked peas last week, but today he doesn't like them... or he doesn't want chicken today cause he had it two days ago. He doesn't want to grow feathers. My dislike to do dishes and everyones weird taste buds are costing me a fortune since we eat out 4-5 times per week.


Young love birds

I came across this picture of us. I couldn't help myself and decided to post it. I can't remember the date, but I think it had to be at least 11 or 12 years ago. How sad... I'm getting old, I look so young here. That was also several pounds ago for both of us. We don't have gray hair!!!

Laura's Mail Box

This is the mailbox I made for Laura for Valentine's day. My pictures are a bit blurry but these are the better ones. The box is filled with Dove Chocolate!

Trip to the Valley

Couldn't sleep much last night, must have gotten about 2 hours of sleep. My DH works a permanent night shift and this morning I woke up to the noise in the shower. DH, my mom, and our friend Ted headed to the Valley this morning at about 10:30. First we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, I was very tempted to get a Shaker Rita, but was too tired to want to get a buzz. After eating we headed to Harbor Freight and then to Tractor Supply Co., they got all kinds of stuff on sale. Then I mouned and whined until we went to Hobby Lobby. I didn't buy much, just a template for and envelope and a few stamps I found in the clearance area. Among the stamps I bought, there is a very pretty Calla Lily... I'll try that one in the next few with my Prismacolor Premier Pencils...
I'm too tired to continue...


Long week with several migrain headaches

I said I was going to try posting a P-A-D, but this was just not my week. The attorney general's opinion regarding the redaction of SSN's from public records had my head in a spin all week long.

Thanks for looking at my blog!