New Day

Today with much reservation, I decided to accompany Mike to Laredo. He worried all the time becauae since I'm on the clear liquid diet there wasn't much I'd be able to eat. We ended up at the Oasis and I explained to the waitress about my recent surgery and she gladly brought me a small soup which had been passed through a seive and all I had was broth. She was so nice and helpfull.

As of today I've lost between 24 - 26 lbs. since my first consultation with the surgeon on January 19, 2009. I did feel as if I over did it... it was too much walking and standing for being five days post up.... just not ready for all that yet!!!


It's amazing how people change throughout time. I for one have changed to the point of "unrecognition" the 199 lbs I gained since high school have left me worn out, tired, exhausted. and amoung other things I'm also unattractive, undesireable, and sometimes unwanted. I wonder if the massive weight gain also killed spirit. In many of the WLS blogs you read about women who don't recognize the "thin" person looking back at them in the mirror while for me it's often times the opposit and I don't recognize the old, fat, delapidated woman looking back at me through the mirror... she still wears the expensive make up and has the big brown eyes.... that often times hide behind large cheekes another recognizable trait is the ruby red lips that adorn the center of my face!


Bariatric Surgery Date!!

Okay... so this is it!!! I'm set for my VERTICAL SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY on February 10, 2010. I started my full liquid diet on January 20th and I've lost about 11 lbs. I know there should be more weight loss by now but I'm having issues with the diet. I want food... and no I'm not exactly cheating as far as solids... too many people watching me, plus I know better.

Now for the big question: Am I ready? The doctor thinks I am. I'm not having second thoughts, but wonder can I still do this on my own... well the answer is no... No I can't! I talked to the doctor about it and he said that stats and studies show that someone of my size (BMI 55 when I started) or even smaller would be able to lose weight but will gain it back eventually. In other words it can be done but not long lived.


Thanks for looking at my blog!