Rowdy... Posing for me!

Here's Rowdy posing for me as I take my first pictures with my new Nikon L15! He likes to tilt his head when I'm talking to him!!! I wonder if he understands what I'm telling him??

Cameras... Chapter Two

Then along came the digital cameras... our first one was a Kodak DC260, A 1.6 megapixel, my Samsung Black Jack cell phone has more than that! A few years later we got the Minotla Dimage A1, 8.2 megapixel, I got that one loaded with lots of extras. Two years ago Mike got a Sony DSC -W1 at a pawn shop for about $100. Then last year right before my swearing in I decided to get the 10 megapixel Nikon D80 DSLR with interchangeable lenses and an external flash. We also added othe extras to it. As much as I love my D80 it's too heavy for me to carry around all the time; a purse, a conference bag and a camera bag are just too many and to heavy for me to carry. So Santa (DH) got me the 8 megapixel Nikon L15 for me to carry in my purse! Great little camera! I love it already!


Cameras... Chapter One

My very first camera was a old 110. I still have it, but it's somewhere at moms house. I'll try to find it so I can take a picture of it. My next one was "The Handle" I don't really remember who makes it, but I think it's a Kodak, it came in a Yellow or Orange box and it's still put away in it. After that we (mom and I) were given by one of my great aunts, an old 35mm, but I can't remember just what it was, again it's somewhere at moms. Then I purchased a Minolta 7000 from Myrna's mom. I loved my old camera, I took more pictures with it than with anything else. Mike at that time also upgraded to a Minolta 9xi, that baby was rigged up and expensive for its kind, again did lots of freelancing and it eventually paid for itself. Next came the Digital Cams....

Collector of Cameras??


Mom's Front Door

This is my Mom's front door! I just love the country feel and hominess of her house. The cowbell is an antique from the olden times when we still ranched and my grandpa was a cowboy!


Off to Austin!

I'll be spending the next four days in Austin at a Texas Vital Statistics Conference. There are upcoming changes to laws that apply to my office in September 2008. I'm looking forward to bringing back as much information as I can. I'm sure the conference will be very informative!



I hadn't posted a picture of Rowdy in a long long time. The right leg is the one that was fractured after Mike ran over him last May.... my poor poor puppy! He was worth the $1,000 I paid to save him! He's such a good dog... I'm a loner and Mike is usullay working--Rowdy watches over me and the house while Mike is gone. We usually keep him tied up on the deck... only problem is the poop area!!! Even Myrna and her DD's are afraid of him. He barks and growls at everything and anything. He loves chasing cars... that's why he's tied up. He loves to play with his toys... Mom recently gave him a rubber crab that she brought from South Padre Island and he just loves it. He takes it in his mouth and just shakes it, he jumps and then he tosses it in the air and starts all over again. I love my dog!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!