Last day at the Conference

Mike took this picture of me on the last day at the conference. if you look at my eyes you can tell they've taken a beating with my allergies.
The conference was hosted by the Hilton, as you can see it's very nice and elegant. We had to stay at the Hyatt (which was also very nice) since the rooms sold out rather quickly.
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Home Sweet Home

Despite severely bad weather and eye allergies, we made it home safely. God Bless my husband for chauffeuring me around on these long, but necessary trips! He usually doesn't accompany me unless it’s a very long trip and I really insist on him taking me, however most of the time someone from my staff will join me instead. There are changes to our department every year and we need to be able to implement the changes according to State law. Additionally, I need to complete 20 continuing education credit hours per year. This particular seminar was very educational, we learned how to do redactions for the safety of our community. We also learned how to “spot” a fraudulent driver’s license. There was also a session on Commissioners’ Court Minutes among other things.


College Station

I made it safe and sound to College Station for my clerk's seminar. Now I just hope I get back home the same way. I'm starting to get an anxiety attack just thinking that I have travel another 8 hours to get back home! I hate these trips... so far from home and so much traffic!!! Hate it, hate it, hate it!!! I'd rather go to the valley or San Antonio... anything farther than Austin is not good for my nerves!


Nikon-DSLR (Old Challenge)

I participated in the "Old" Challenge with the Nikon-DSLR Yahoo Group and these were the two best pictures I took.

The "Old House" is the house that came from Old Zapata in '53 right before the flood. It's now falling apart and will soon be demolished. This is the house where my mom grew up in and I was seven years old myself when we moved out of there to live in the house that mom lives in today.

The "Old Buddy L" truck was a gift from my dad when I was about four. There was a time when we thought we had lost it. Imagine the joy when I found it. It's very dear to me and it's one of the few childhood toys that I cherish. I won't have any one to pass it down to, nonetheless it's a wonderful memory.

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