Okay so the picture isn't that great!!! Nonetheless, I just wanted everyone to take a look at Rowdy after last weeks ordeal of him getting run over by Mike.

Today he was almost back to normal, had it not been for the bad limp he has. He's going to the vet on the 5th for another shot and for a check up on his leg.

I guess he's gonna make it after all!!!

Rowdy: Tough and/or disorderly, yes! That's my puppy!!


Myrnabs said...

OMG!! Two of my favorite peeps!! Happy to see everyone is happy now!!

myrnabs said...

Mary Jayne,
Rowdy is a cute dog. I wish he was my dog. I am happy rowdy is feeling beeter. i love you mary, rowdy, and leo. You are the best people in the world.


(This was typed by Bryana Saldana, 6 Years old).

Thanks for looking at my blog!