Home Sweet Home

Despite severely bad weather and eye allergies, we made it home safely. God Bless my husband for chauffeuring me around on these long, but necessary trips! He usually doesn't accompany me unless it’s a very long trip and I really insist on him taking me, however most of the time someone from my staff will join me instead. There are changes to our department every year and we need to be able to implement the changes according to State law. Additionally, I need to complete 20 continuing education credit hours per year. This particular seminar was very educational, we learned how to do redactions for the safety of our community. We also learned how to “spot” a fraudulent driver’s license. There was also a session on Commissioners’ Court Minutes among other things.


Kim H. said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound! What a sweet hubby you have!

Heather Grow said...

Welcome home.

Thanks for looking at my blog!