Myrna & MJ

Here we are!! I guess we hadn't taken a self-portrait in about 20 years. I'll try to find the old pictures so you can compare the before and after. Now that'll be a site. Love you girlfriend!!!
Forever Friends
When I hear that sappy little phrase,
“Families are Forever,”
I always wonder
Are friends forever too?

Because if not,
Just stop the world and let me get off!

I will never find another friend
As fun, crazy and more like me
Anywhere in heaven…
Let alone here on earth!

I simply can’t find words to describe
The ways you touch my life.
You refuse to let me be
Anything less than myself,
And you love me
Like no friend ever has.
I can’t imagine getting through a day,
Much less eternity, without you.

Let’s make a pact.
(Yeah, yeah, we’ll keep the ‘forever family’.)
But you and I will be
Goddesses together…
Divine Divas to the max …
Forever, for always
And no matter what.
© 2003 Suzy Toronto


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I guess I'm biased! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! I just love you girl!!!


Myrnabs said...

I'm crying :(( I loved the poem!! I'm so glad that God made us cross paths. Thanks for being YOU!!

Love ya!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!