We will miss him!

It's been a long time since I really posted anything. I guess work and life keep me way to busy.

I was gone for almost a month, the middle of June I had a week long conference and after that we went to visit my inlaws, MIL (age 85) underwent knee replacement surgery. Our visit was supposedly going to be an overnight visit (over 200 miles away and a 4 hour drive). She suffered a case of Sundowner's Syndrome, and my FIL (age 90) spent two nights at the hospital with her because she pullled off everything and anything that was connected to and in her body. Then on the day we were to come home FIL suffered a fall which resulted in brain damage, we were told that he would live, but would not be able to care for himself and would not be able to go back home. Imagine, we had him at at one hospital, while she was across town in another one. Then having to tell her that he was ill and would not be coming home was one heck of a task for my husband. We finally brought her home on Saturday, we let her rest that night and the following day, as we were getting ready to go visit him, we got a call from the doctor advising us that he had been moved because he had suffered a heart attack. When we got there, the doctor was waiting and MIL understood what the doctor was explaing to us, she opted for the DNR / DNI and he peacefully passed away on June 29th, while we stood by his side.

He was cremated and his cremates were put to rest at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio, TX. He retired from the Army after over 20 years of service in the early 1960's and fought in two wars (WWII and Korean). The received full military honors, we was wonderful, kind, and loving person... we will miss him!

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Kim H. said...

Oh my what a horrible thing to have to go though! I am so sorry for your lose! I will pray for your MIL to be strong and healthy!

BTW_ the new photo at the top of your blog!

Thanks for looking at my blog!