A little more on Sleeping Pills and Muscle Relaxants

OOps, I guess I didn't finish last nights blog...

I've been insomic for many, many years... hence the sleeping pills. For years, and years I suffered severe headaches and one day while taking to my doctor about the headaches, he suggested that perhaps I had a low serotonine level. He prescribed Lunesta and I did great, no more headaches. Last November my prescription was changed to Ambien because my "new" insurance would not cover the Lunesta, now as evidenced by last nights blog... I fight the pills and eat part of the night. All the weight I had lost last year is back on my belly!! As for the muscle relaxants, I have two herniated discs and my prescription reads to take two pill three times per day, imagine that I'd be a zombie... I take one sleeping pill and one muscle relaxant per night... and I turn myself off!!! (After I eat of course!!!)

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