I've been contemplating the idea of having bariatric surgery for some time. At first I was totally against it and swore up and down that I'd be able to do it on my own. I went to see the bariatric specialist and was convinced that this is the only way for me to lose the weight. The doctor was excellent and advised me that as long as I had doubts in my mind and felt that I had a chance of doing it on my own he would not operate on me. When I left his office I was pretty much convinced that the lap band was the way for me to go. I did more and more research, I knew I didn't want the gastric bypass and perhaps health issues would have not allow me to be able to get it. Finally, after a conversation with another Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) patient (I won't say her name, but she's lost lots and lots of weight and she looks absolutely beautiful!!! and feels great too!!! Hint... Hint.. she's not only my prima but she is also my long time friend and classmate!!) I was guided to the website of Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, he specializes on both lap band and vertical sleeve gastrectomy. I've thought this over and over and this is what I'm getting. Now I only pray that my doctor will not go against it, since this is and old surgery revised from the 1980's. In my heart i do believe that this is the one for me. I post again later with more detailed information as far as procedure!

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I pray that you Doctor lets you do it! Weight loss is so hard! I have been doing Weight Watchers and it is working for me- since June I have lost 28 lbs- only 50 to go! I am here if you ever need to talk ! HUGS!

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