Bariatric Surgery Date!!

Okay... so this is it!!! I'm set for my VERTICAL SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY on February 10, 2010. I started my full liquid diet on January 20th and I've lost about 11 lbs. I know there should be more weight loss by now but I'm having issues with the diet. I want food... and no I'm not exactly cheating as far as solids... too many people watching me, plus I know better.

Now for the big question: Am I ready? The doctor thinks I am. I'm not having second thoughts, but wonder can I still do this on my own... well the answer is no... No I can't! I talked to the doctor about it and he said that stats and studies show that someone of my size (BMI 55 when I started) or even smaller would be able to lose weight but will gain it back eventually. In other words it can be done but not long lived.


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