It's amazing how people change throughout time. I for one have changed to the point of "unrecognition" the 199 lbs I gained since high school have left me worn out, tired, exhausted. and amoung other things I'm also unattractive, undesireable, and sometimes unwanted. I wonder if the massive weight gain also killed spirit. In many of the WLS blogs you read about women who don't recognize the "thin" person looking back at them in the mirror while for me it's often times the opposit and I don't recognize the old, fat, delapidated woman looking back at me through the mirror... she still wears the expensive make up and has the big brown eyes.... that often times hide behind large cheekes another recognizable trait is the ruby red lips that adorn the center of my face!

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Anonymous said...

I have you in my thoughts and prayers! I know you can do this! You are off to a great start. You are such a beautiful person! HUGS!

Thanks for looking at my blog!