Cameras... Chapter Two

Then along came the digital cameras... our first one was a Kodak DC260, A 1.6 megapixel, my Samsung Black Jack cell phone has more than that! A few years later we got the Minotla Dimage A1, 8.2 megapixel, I got that one loaded with lots of extras. Two years ago Mike got a Sony DSC -W1 at a pawn shop for about $100. Then last year right before my swearing in I decided to get the 10 megapixel Nikon D80 DSLR with interchangeable lenses and an external flash. We also added othe extras to it. As much as I love my D80 it's too heavy for me to carry around all the time; a purse, a conference bag and a camera bag are just too many and to heavy for me to carry. So Santa (DH) got me the 8 megapixel Nikon L15 for me to carry in my purse! Great little camera! I love it already!


K Hutchinson said...

WOW you are camera rich! I love to see your passion! Love how you keep changing your blog banner too!

Myrnabs said...

Looks like u forgot the other ones! The 35mm minolta's should go here as well! After all they sure are amazing cameras as well!! I sure love your last two ;o) hahaha!! Then again I copied you ;o) BTW, I just bought myself that circular lens I'm gonna love it!! You will too!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!