Mom and Daughter day out!

I played hooky and didn't go to work today. Mom and I went to Laredo by ourselves. First we went to eat at Luby's. Then we went to Macy's, JC Penny, Bealls, Avenue and Sam's. I bought a hobo denim purse for $6.00 at Bealls; plus a pair of dressy "work" shoes", black jeans and a T-shirt at Avenue (yes, I am a plus size). Then made a quick stop at Sam' and I bought a huge ($20.00) filet of salmon for Friday's dinner. I need to come up with something other than potatoes and peas for sides. I might try Jasmine rice and asparagus or green beans instead. It's hard to keep everybody happy. Mom and Ted don't eat corn. Lee doesn't eat green beans or peas, and Mike is just plain picky with everything. He liked peas last week, but today he doesn't like them... or he doesn't want chicken today cause he had it two days ago. He doesn't want to grow feathers. My dislike to do dishes and everyones weird taste buds are costing me a fortune since we eat out 4-5 times per week.

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Anonymous said...

This story is Hilarious!! I wish I was living with you, and I wouldn't care what you made, I'd eat it. I know you can cook girl!! Let me ask you are those charolitos the shoes you bought? You never said anything about them. I like them!! Did you go to the parade? I didn't, I'm home call me.


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