My Best Friend

This is my friend Myrna, a.k.a. myrnabs. I’ve known her most of her life and we’ve been friends since 1984. I’m about eight years older than her and if you figure that out in 1984 she was only 13 and I was 21.
Myrna is a very pretty lady with a beautiful personality. She is the type of person who will take the shirt off her back to help others. Always going out of her way. She is very smart, and I’m very proud of her. She attends college/university (50 miles away) every weekday, often coming home very late at night. She is a great musician and is pursuing her career in music. I know she will be a great band director some day in the near future.
On top of all this she is also a very talented papercrafter. She makes beautiful cards and altered items. She is the one that made my dog, Rowdy's treat jar! (See below.)
Myrna is very special, she is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, daughter, sister, aunt, and most important to me, she’s my best friend. I would not know what to do without her friendship. I see her like the little sister I never had! I don’t have to say this cause she knows it, but I lover her very much!
P.S. Doesn’t she look pretty with her new glasses?


Anonymous said...

This is really very cute post and your friend looks really cute with her new specs!!! You guys are really lucky to have each other as such great friends. Do stop by my Friendship Blog sometime!!

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Thanks for looking at my blog!