Rowdy's Treats Jar

I guess that by now everyone knows that I have a dog named Rowdy. My friend Myrna knows just how much I love him so she went all out and made a treat jar for him. Take a peek for yourselves. It took her an etire evening to complete her project. I think it turned out just beautiful. I love it and it's so much easier now to give my "baby" his treats. She went as far as coloring the doggy blonde or light brown like Rowdy. I really like how she did the lid, cutting out circles and arranging them around the big circle. Then adding the pretty polka dotted ribbon around the jar. I just totally love Rowday's new treat jar. Oh one more thing, she even sent her mom to buy Rowdy some treats, ain't that sweet!!!!!
Thanks...Love you Myrna!!!


Anonymous said...

To Mary Jayne,
It looks so pretty because of the ribbon and the little dog that's on top of the jar.

Bryana (age 6)

Anonymous said...

Sweet friend to make such a cute treat jar.

Wanted to tell you that I read through your blog and enjoyed getting to know you a little better.

You're doing a great job with it.

Thanks for looking at my blog!