Trip to the Valley

Couldn't sleep much last night, must have gotten about 2 hours of sleep. My DH works a permanent night shift and this morning I woke up to the noise in the shower. DH, my mom, and our friend Ted headed to the Valley this morning at about 10:30. First we went to eat at Joe's Crab Shack, I was very tempted to get a Shaker Rita, but was too tired to want to get a buzz. After eating we headed to Harbor Freight and then to Tractor Supply Co., they got all kinds of stuff on sale. Then I mouned and whined until we went to Hobby Lobby. I didn't buy much, just a template for and envelope and a few stamps I found in the clearance area. Among the stamps I bought, there is a very pretty Calla Lily... I'll try that one in the next few with my Prismacolor Premier Pencils...
I'm too tired to continue...

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Anonymous said...


I'm so happy that you went to the valley with ur family. I'm happy for your envie template as well, and those stamps. I'm just super upset that you didn't FREAKING CALL ME when you got home!! How RUDE!!! I'm super sad!!!

Thanks for looking at my blog!