This is Rowdy, my spoiled, five month old Austrailian Cattle Dog... Isn't he sweet??? He jumps all over me when I come outside. He does tricks for treats. He is super smart and funny. He keeps me company when I'm by myself. He is still in the "chewing" stage and like to bite me playfully, the problem is that he doesn't know his own strength and sometimes hurts me while he's trying to play!! Oh well, I love him anyway!!!!


Anonymous said...

He looks really pretty, and if I would go to your house I bet he would jump on me too. I would be scared alot. And I also love him. I remember him alot when he was little.

The end!!
Bryana (age 6)

Anonymous said...

MY GOD!! Mary he's grown so much!! Last time I saw him I thought he was huge, but now he almost seems like a grown-up, KWIM? He's adorable, I'm working on his treats cansiter. It should be heading your way before Sunday night if my plans don't fail me.

Love ya,

Lee said...

HOT ROD! I love him!

Thanks for looking at my blog!